World War III

throwing up on paper acid curdling words of rage
solidified turning marks into currency for warfare
against all those who have come before me dripping
sarcasm vomiting anger my way covering me in
spittle venom of under served needs fulfilled in a vacuum
of desire never met with solid answers until you come
into my face and spew your thoughts out like hail to
lacerate my mind into a triggered responses reflexes on
auto pilot hands raised before eyes targeted pounding
out my actions in verbs and adjectified nouns to take
you down a peg and leave you open for rebuttals you’ll
be too angry to formulate in clear grammatical form I can
relate to in a dignified manner so I’ll poke and prod you
until you come undone saturated in soggy paper dripping
with blood from lips chewed open to spur on recourse
of incrimination acrimony geared to meet rising blood
pressure that pumps arms hands into unstudied reaction
you can laugh at in cackles studded with italics and bold face
that picks up the pace of words hones in on emotions
pimps readers for mind altering frenzy of replies to replies
upon replies building up a fortress of fury to battle claims
of disfavor prejudiced banter aimed for removal of your
words from the conversation when all you want is to make
noise so much noise loud constant rampage I hear you
urinating against my mind seeping between words to corrupt
the cleanliness of my comeback squawking volume increasing
to shout down civilized echos of thought through solutions
that would undo what has come before your type font caps
lock print screaming to be heard without care for merit
content of the shouts timed to steady pulse that drives up
the dialog into convlusions minds seared from metabolic
release eyes dilated teeth clench jeers hissed in the white
space between words that no amount of blinking will erase
the pattern of noise emanating from your posts generating
readers into a legion army fighting your cause without
knowing where it all started the first jibe and unmet strike
you aimed and I countered all back where it no longer matters
out of public memory counting the commentary as proof
positive of winning status flames erupting from forum to
forum muddying what once started as a question pondering
nothing more has turned into an Internet war crossing
countries nationalities governments a true third world war
that rakes in numbers killed from barbed words and email
attack that comes in at all hours and buzzes that you have
mail forcing you awake to counter strike so bleary eyed you
face a new day holding on to the grudge keeping it warm until
you next log in and start up the barrage taking down people
stepping over bodies counting the coup as you hit refresh for up
to the minute updates coming in faster than CNN and cable
news to keep you abreast of where you stand in the field if
support is faltering you must bring in the heave artillery
even if and when this one dies down the ground is set
for the next round which inevitably builds up with anger
unanswered unmet from this wave this front of the beginning
of world war three on the electric battle field of Internet cables
cross Atlantic satellite relays bringing in the east to the fray
alliances tested regrouped dismantled reformed territories
altered a new map drawn with different colors not for height
above sea level but computer hardware forum connections
argument rhetoric government censorship the third world
war has begun the players have entered the fight

Published by ambroseanthonythompson

A previous librarian considering a change of careers while meditating through art.

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